How to Get the Best Doctors’ Office Jobs: The Top 10 Ways

How to Get the Best Doctors Office Jobs
Top 10 Ways to Get the Best Doctors’ Office Jobs

1. Find out about job openings at prestigious offices: There are two main ways to find out about top doctors’ office jobs.   You can get out and go to networking events with physicians in the areas where you want to work, or you can start searching medical job websites that recruit reputable practices to post their job openings.  For example, has thousands of medical office jobs from all over the country posted by doctors trained at Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Cedars Sinai and other highly regarded medical centers.

2. Please proofread your resume: That goes without saying. There is no excuse for not doing that.  Don’t simply spellcheck.  Have an English major proofread.

3. Get excellent references: Physicians rarely ever employ staff or associates without consulting references. If you don’t have people lined up who can vouch for your work and people skills, you will certainly be passed over.  The references that will seal the deal are from people who are influential in a particular medical specialty or from the close family and friends of the doctor who is considering hiring you.

4. Do your research about the practice prior to the interview: There are two very effective ways to do research about a doctor’s office where you would like to work.  First, send friends or family members to become patients there.  They can tell you how they feel about the practice from a patient’s perspective and give you insights about the current employment conditions.  The second way to research doctors’ practices is to talk to former employees.  Find out why they left and how they were treated.  Google the doctors.  Google the practice.  You would be a fool not to use the power of the internet.

5. Dress professionally for the interview: Don’t show off your tattoos, latest nose ring, or wear stained or old clothes.  Doctors are very particular about cleanliness, formality, and professional attire.  Patients need to feel like they are around professionals whom they can trust with their intimate medical histories.

6. Show up on time to your interview: Show up late and you have a 99.9% chance of losing the opportunity.  Doctors tend to be obsessive compulsive and punctuality is an absolute must.

7. Be personable and smile: Likability will be more likely to land you a great job at a doctor’s office than your skills.

8. Show enthusiasm to learn new skills: Nearly all doctors’ office jobs require outside learning and/or on-the-job training.  That may mean going to conferences and seminars to hone your skills for performing certain medical procedures or learning how to integrate and navigate a new electronic computer system at the office.  You need to prove to the hiring doctor that you are enthusiastic about learning and mastering new skills so the office can keep up with the latest trends and technological advancements.

9. Don’t join a practice if you don’t like the manager, the other employees, or the hiring doctor: When you go for the interview, it is not just about getting the job. It is also about landing medical office jobs you will love.  You have to like how you are treated on your interview day.  You have to feel like there is a spirit of camaraderie and collegiality.  The doctor should be someone whom you can trust and respect.  The staff should be people you can trust, who will want to help you, and whom you will want to join for lunch.

10. Consider volunteering to open doors: If there is an office where you would absolutely love to work, you can make it work even if there is no available opportunity. Volunteer for an unpaid medical office job.  If you are excellent and productive at this job, the physicians in the practice will find a way for you to stay and will create a salaried position for you.

Doctors’ office jobs are some of the best jobs on the market.  Most medical offices offer jobs that are long term opportunities and include the rewards of helping people every day.  The medical job market is brimming with amazing employment opportunities.  You just have to remember where to look and how to seal the deal.

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  1. Thank you for suggesting that you should have an English major proofread your resume. Doctors seem to be needed almost everywhere and I would hope that doctors searching for a job would use tools to help them find any that are available. Hopefully, they can find employment centers that can help them.

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