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www.DoctorCPR.com was created to furnish top medical job listings and links to practical resources to help healthcare professionals boost their medical careers.   The DoctorCPR Blog was established to provide useful articles and insights about the practical aspects of a medical career: advice about everything involved in running a medical practice, earning more income, boosting productivity, getting a better job and much, much more.

www.DoctorCPR.com and the DoctorCPR Blog are both maintained by the DoctorCPR Physicians Group: a group of physicians from Harvard University, the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the UCLA School of Medicine, and Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles California.  We are committed to writing fresh and useful content for these sites and welcome your feedback on any additional articles or resources you would like for us to include in our websites.

We hope you continue to visit the DoctorCPR Blog.  Isn’t it time to revive your medical career?

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