I was able to fill a position for a breast surgeon in Hawaii within 2 weeks of posting on www.doctorcpr.com.
I quickly connected with a lot of qualified surgeons looking for jobs in Hawaii. I hired a recruit from Johns Hopkins Hospital and I am meeting with another candidate from the Mayo Clinic as a result of my job listing on this site. I am grateful to the MDs who put this website together.
Barry G, General Surgeon

I was able to quickly find a physician to sublease my medical office space after posting an ad on www.doctorcpr.com. I wasn’t able to find any other medical website with a section for leasing and subleasing medical office space. I will continue to use doctorcpr.com as my go-to site for advertising to the medical community. Thank you for saving me a lot of aggravation and money.
George F, Dermatologist

I had been searching for a medical assistant job in New York for over six months. I searched www.doctorcpr.com one day and found a great opportunity. I got a job to be a medical assistant at a busy dermatology practice close to my home. I kept checking Craigslist, but I couldn’t refine my search for exactly what I was looking for. Doctorcpr.com allowed me to narrow down my search to medical assistants in New York City.
Judith C. Medical Assistant 

I was so thrilled to find the “office forms” section of www.doctorcpr.com. I used nearly all of these forms when setting up my new medical practice. I was surprised when I found out that you do not charge for these forms. The office forms posted on your site were a time and stress saver. Thank you so much for providing these free of charge on your website.
Alex C, Internist

My scrubs business has definitely gotten a great boost with www.doctorcpr.com. I had a 15% increase in online sales the first month I posted on your website. I had over 200 people click on my classified ad. It was very easy to post on the site. Your website made a great impact on my business.
Sam K, Business Owner

I recently got hired as a medical receptionist in an office in Beverly Hills, California. I responded to ads on Craigslist and Monster, but I ultimately responded to an ad on doctorcpr.com, and that opened the door for my new job. I am very pleased with your website.
Judith M, Medical Receptionist

I had 10 applicants contact me regarding a nurse practitioner opportunity in Boca Raton, Florida after I posted an ad on doctorcpr.com. I interviewed two applicants. The applicants were both so good that I hired both of them. I was impressed by the caliber of medical professionals who visit www.doctorcpr.com. I will use your website again.
Fiona D, Medical Office Manager

I posted 10 medical job ads on doctorcpr.com for my recruiting business, and I did this so easily. When I had a question about one of my postings, I called your customer service line and someone answered my question right away (they picked up the phone immediately when I called at 1 AM!). I have posted on other healthcare job sites where they don’t even have a phone number to call anyone with a question. I was impressed with the doctorcpr.com customer service. I will definitely use your site again.
Chris R, Medical Recruiter

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