Finishing School and Getting a Job

Managing Medical School Debt (New England Journal of Medicine)

Soliciting Letters of Recommendation (American College of Physicians)

Writing Compelling Physician Cover Letters (New England Journal of Medicine)

Top 30 Resume Pet Peeves of Hiring Decision-Makers (Quintessential Careers)

Tips for the First Interview (American College of Physicians)

Interview Skills for Job Seeking Physicians (New England Journal of Medicine)

Practical Tips for Interviews (DoctorCPR Doctors Panel)


Career Types

Careers in Academic Medicine: Pros and Cons (DoctorCPR Doctors Panel)

Solo Practice vs. Group Practice: Pros and Cons (DoctorCPR Doctors Panel)


Negotiation Strategies and Job Contracts

Achieve the Job Offer You Deserve by Avoiding These 10 Salary Negotiation Mistakes (Quintessential Careers)

Negotiating an Employment Contract (American College of Physicians)

Negotiating Your First Contract: What to Say and How to Say it (American Academy of Ophthalmology)

Anatomy of a Physician Employment Contract (New England Journal of Medicine)

Avoiding Physician Employment-Contract Pitfalls (New England Journal of Medicine)

Restrictive Covenants (American College of Physicians)

Understanding Noncompetes: The Basics of Restrictive Covenants (Physicians Practice)

Assessing Managed Care Reimbursement Adequacy (American College of Physicians)


Setting Up a Practice

New Practice Checklist (American College of Physicians)

Basic Shopping List for Opening Up a Medical Practice (American College of Physicians)

Start It Up: Planning--How to Launch a Practice (Physicians Practice)

Tools and Resources for Practice Success (California Medical Association)

Electronic Medical Records--Complete Guide (American Academy of Family Physicians)

How to Avoid Getting Sued (DoctorCPR Doctors Panel)

Marketing Your Practice (American College of Physicians)


Partnership and Purchasing a Practice

Partner Buy-Ins (American College of Physicians)

The Buy-In: Transitioning from Employee to Partner (American Academy of Ophthalmology)

Common Partnership Mistakes (American Academy of Ophthalmology)

Buying a Practice (American College of Physicians)

Purchasing a Medical Practice (Bruce Armon, Esquire: Saul Ewing LLP)

Legal Guide for Acquiring a Medical Practice (Daniel M. Bernick, JD MBA)


Career Satisfaction

Five Strategies for Physicians to Overcome Burnout (American College of Physicians)

Non-Clinical Medical Jobs, Careers, and Opportunities (


Compensation Models

Physician Compensation Models: The Basics, the Pros, and the Cons (New England Journal of Medicine)

Cash-Only Practice: Could It Work for You? (American Academy of Family Physicians)

Branding the Cash-Only Practice (Physicians Practice)

Retainer Practices (American Academy of Family Physicians)


Practice Expansion and Retirement

Need a Satellite Office? (Physicians Practice)

Retirement Readiness (Physicians Practice)


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